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Basics of using maya at buck (please read!)

Advanced scene management tasks

  • moving animation from one character/object to another (animcurves)
  • creating and updating geometry cache
  • getting stuff from one scene into another in an organized way
  • some other awesome scripts that you may learn to love
  • creating and managing scenes with toon outlines

Working with assets

  • what is an asset?
  • guidelines for keeping your scenes/assets efficient
  • preparing a model for asset creation
  • create a rigged asset
  • update a pre-existing asset
  • referencing an asset into your scene (for animation, layout, …rendering… etc)

Rendering Maya scenes on the farm

  • overview of render pipeline
  • how to use render layers effectively
  • using the buck submit tool
  • manually adding scenes to muster (old school, for lamerz)
  • common problems and solutions

Mental ray strategies (for photorealism?)

  • basics about speed vs. quality (general settings)
  • final gather, don't just turn this on! (noob!!)
  • using a linear workflow
  • MIA_Material, the mental ray photorealistic power shader!
  • mia_pass
  • sss_pass
  • mia_exposure_simple lens shader
  • using the pass shaders to render framebuffers (awsesome-town, population: you)
  • studio lighting in black limbo
  • studio lighting in white limbo
  • standard and metallic carpaint
  • illuminating scenes with an HDR and final gather
  • quick realistic outdoor lighting with physical sun/sky

Shave and Haircut strategies

  • shave basics
  • rendering shave with mental ray and shadows, quickly
  • creating and updating shave hair caches
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