Preparing a model for asset creation
this page probably needs more robust guidelines/images

Here are general rules to prepping a model to rig, and final release as an asset. The guidelines on this page can be used as a general indication of how we like to keep things clean, organized, and thoughtful at buck with respect to sharing work. Please see the other pages on assets. At this point you should have a model that has no/temporary shaders on it. You should always have a latest version of your model in your /show/production/maya/scenes/common/work.yourName directory that you can go back if necessary. However, if an asset has already been created once for something, its ideal to simply copy that asset into your work directory and work on it there, and then update the asset. please see the page about updating an asset for more information.

  • delete all construction history
  • run the clean Geo script (from the buck shelf) note, this will reset the normals on your model to be "all soft".
    • if you run this, don't forget to fix your normals again. (set them to 30degrees if you don't know)
  • remove any extra stuff from the scenes, this means EVERYTHING except the model. (no cameras, lights, groups of other stuff)
  • ideally your model has only lambert1 assigned.
    • This is not a steadfast rule though. if you have
  • in the hypershade, choose edit—>delete unused nodes.
  • remove any selection sets used for modeling

At this point you should have a very clean model file, save it as a new version and proceed to rig it.

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