Using maya at buck basics

1st : when starting maya is to make sure you have the right version. The current version of maya at buck is :

maya 2008 Extention 2 64 bit

If you DONT have this version, please let Doug know immediately.

2nd : and Important! please take this time to make sure that you have the latest maya.env by copying it over from the server location.

In this case, please copy this file : \\bricklin\GlobalPrefs\MAYA\Maya.env
Into this place on your local machine : C:\Documents and Settings\<USER NAME>\My Documents\maya\2008-x64\Maya.env

This will ensure your maya is properly setup and you have the latest tools!

3rd : big thing is; when maya starts you Must Choose Your Project via the buck project selector. if you don't see this project selector your maya is missing the proper maya.env file.

buck maya project selector

4th : Do not double click a .mb or .ma project to open it in maya. Do not open maya and close the project selector (unless you absolutely know what u are doing). Start maya the same way every time, choose your project, and then open your files to begin working. Failure to follow these steps may lead to redoing work or, for example, working in 30fps when everyone else is working in 24fps…

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