Maya naming conventions

Naming things in maya might not seem like a big deal, and to be honest its not a huge thing, but when we all work together we should try to follow some basic guidelines… There are only a few actual "rules" so it shouldn't be asking too much for people to all name things in the same way. Here are some things to keep in mind

Naming your files

Hard rules

  • no "." as seperators
  • only use underscores for seperators "_"
  • No SPACES!!! " "
  • Keep them as short as possible, but descriptive :-)

overall guidlines

  • when you are working on some random things, in the /scenes/common directory, you can pretty much name them whatever u want. I suggest <object/short desctiption>_<version number>_<your initials>.mb
    • example : if i am working on updating a car asset in my work directory under common … car_headlightRebuild_v02_dw.mb
  • when you are working on a shot, please start the name of the file with the shot name
    • example : if you are animating — SH020_anim_v02_dw.mb
    • example : animating a single character — SH020_bearAnim_v02_dw.mb
  • if you are rendering pieces of a shot there is no need to put "render" in the file name
    • example : SH020_car_v02_dw.mb
    • example : SH020_bearFur_v02_dw.mb
    • For more in depth info on rendering, please see the pages about rendering on the farm at Buck.

Naming stuff inside maya

  • again, please keep things as short as possible, but descriptive.
  • abbreviate things if you want
  • please do not leave things named as "polyShape47258" and "pCylinder44" We are all in a hurry so i understand that you want to work fast, but please try to keep it under control.
  • name your groups (no group1 through group 20 in your scenes)
  • name your shaders
    • don't bother to name the individual parts of the shaders (like place2dTexure44 is fine.)
  • Do not rename the buckCam, unless you know what u are doing.
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