Mia Exposure Simple

mia_exposure does three things:

1. Scales your colors from whichever HDR range they have into a 0-1 range to "fit" the display
2. Applies a nice "overbright compression" to keep highlights from simply clipping harshly into white (which looks ugly)
3. Applies gamma correction.

Either of these steps are "optional", in the sense that there are parameters that turn that feature off. (pedestal=0 and gain=1.0) turns off step 1, "compression=0" turns off step 2, and "gamma=1" turns off step 3.

You may not need step 1, 2 or 3 for whichever reason.

when using mia exposure simple with "mia pass shaders" and linear workflow

make sure to set the gamma correct in the mia exposure to 1. It is probably 2.2 by default. for a linear workflow make sure to read the pages about linear work flow

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