Updating an asset

Some things to keep in mind when updating an asset

remember that you are updating something that is likely being referenced into a shot animation scene, or render scene. So its important to make sure that if you are changing hierarchy or object names or otherwise, that you KNOW what you are doing. If you remove objects or rename them, the scenes that have this given asset referenced will likely have some strange effects. However, sometimes this is just fine, especially early on in a project.

  • scenes
    • assets
      • blimp
        • model
          • archive
            • blimp_v01_dw.mb
            • blimp_v02_jn.mb
          • blimp.mb (this is a stripped model, the one we create right before we rig)
        • rig
          • archive
            • blimp_v01_js.mb
            • blimp_v02_js.mb
          • blimp.mb (this is the rigged asset, the one we use in our scenes for animation, layout, rendering)
      • raceCar
        • … directories like above…
      • racetrack
        • … directories like above…

as you can see, each asset on a show gets its own directory structure. the name of the asset is the name of the directory and vice versa. when u need to update an asset (rig or model), you copy the current one "blimp.mb" into the respective archive folder and give it the next up version number, and add your initials. this way we know who updated the asset, and when, and in what order. You then would save your prepared model or rig OVER the current blimp.mb. then that updated asset would become "live" in any scenes that have it referenced.

The Most Important Thing: no matter how small the change to an asset, you must backup the current one to the archive before you make the change.

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